• Aeolus: A Building Block for Proactive Transport in Datacenters.
    SIGCOMM 2020
    August 2020, Virtual Conference

  • Tagger: Practical PFC Deadlock Prevention in Data Center Networks.
    CoNEXT 2017
    December 2017, Seoul/Incheon, South Korea

  • Congestion Control for High-speed Extremely Shallow-buffered Datacenter Networks.
    APNet 2017
    August 2017, Hong Kong, China

  • Deadlocks in Datacenter Networks: Why Do They Form, and How To Avoid Them.
    HotNets 2016
    November 2016, Atlanta, Georgia, USA

  • Providing Bandwidth Guarantees, Work Conservation and Low Latency Simultaneously in the Cloud
    INFOCOM 2016
    April 2016, San Francisco, CA